Our Core Principle

We care and protect the well-being of our people and our impact on the environment and community in everything we do.

Our Goal

To conduct our business in a way that causes no harm to the health and safety of people and have no unforeseen impacts on the environment or community.

Our Behaviour

We all believe we can achieve our HSEC goal by being respectful, disciplined and responsible with clear communication.

RespectWe look out for ourselves and our workmates, and we treat our equipment and our workplace with respect

DisciplineWe do work the right way every time. We recognise risk in every task and we identify and understand how to control them safely

ResponsibilityWe are committed and enthusiastic and take responsibility for ourselves and others by managing risks in our work. We stop work when confronted by an unknown hazard and only proceed when we are sure we can continue safely and responsibly.

Clear CommunicationWe communicate openly and honestly about how well we are doing and are relentless in learning from others. We work together and welcome feedback. We recognise we can always do better and if we don’t understand something we ask until we are clear.


Gulkula will not explore or operate in World Heritage properties and ensure that any future operations near or adjacent to World Heritage properties are not incompatible with their culture and/or natural values.

We respect and acknowledge all internationally recognised human rights (including the non-use of child and forced labour) which are consistent with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Gulkula Sustainability Report 2018-19