In July 2018, Gulkula nursery was built on site to process, store and propagate native seeds.

Through the operations of the nursery we have gained a deep understanding of the flora and fauna of Dhupuma Plateau. Because of this we can align the rehabilitation of the land to its original landscape and wishes of its Traditional Owners.

All seeds used for rehabilitation are local to Dhupuma Plateau. All cleared trees are mulched and recycled for overburden or top soil.

Given the early success of Gulkula nursery, we look forward to expanding its capability and customer base in the future.


A day in Gulkula nursery with Mayila

I am Dhalwangu man from Gurrumuru and my totem animal is the Cormorant. I work in the Gulkula Nursery from Monday to Friday.

We start the day with our team pre-start meeting where we discuss risks and how we can avoid or remove them. We also make sure that our Personal Protective Equipment is with or on us.

When we go seed collecting we are mostly walking through the bush and trying to find local native seeds from the land. While walking through the bush we think of ABBI (Above, Behind, Below and In front) and this makes sure that we avoid any risks that might be around us.

We always carry water as it can get quite hot out there. Because of the heat, we try and go seed collecting in the morning. After lunch we will work mostly in the nursery. This might involve watering plants, weeding or mulching. Other days we might fumigate seedlings to ensure all insects have been removed.

My favourite part of my job is seeing the plants grow after I have planted them. It’s like seeing life grow in front of you. One day I would like to build my own nursery at home like the Gulkula site and grow a big tree so my family can rest under it.