It all starts with a seed. Gulkula’s employees collect a wide variety of native seeds from the local area. Storage, germination and propagation of these seed is done at Gulkula’s plant nursery. These seeds grow into plants which we use for our mine site land rehabilitation, bring the land back to its original landscape and to the requirements of Gulkula’s Traditional Owners.

Core services and expertise

Seed collection

Throughout the year Gulkula’s employees collect a wide variety of native seeds from the local area. Knowing where and when to collect makes seed collection more efficient.

Germination trials

To confirm the collected seed has a high germination rate, samples of seed are germinated in the Gulkula plant nursery. Creating the optimal conditions for seed germination requires knowledge of the diverse plant species in this region. Some seeds require prolonged watering, fire, sunlight hours, minimum time dormancy, etc.

Plant propagation

Gulkula’s plant nursery grows new plants from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings and other plant parts.

Seed Management

The native seeds collected are cleaned, fumigated and stored ready for germination and propagation when required. The purpose-built seed storage facility ensures seeds are kept at an optimal temperature and humidity suitable for storage for several years.

Weed Control and management

Gulkula’s trained personnel and specialised equipment effectively identify and control weeds.

Mine site rehabilitation

Ensuring the land disturbed by mining is brought back to its original state is important to Gulkula. The experience Gulkula has acquired can be easily transferred to other sites requiring rehabilitation across Northern Australia.

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