indigenous painting by Yolngu man of sugarbag man from aboriginal history of Gove Arnhem land

Gulkula is connected with the actions of Ganbulapula. In his search for honey, Ganbulapula used his walking stick to hit trees and so disturb the bees. With his hand shielding his eyes from the sun as he looked up, Ganbulapula could see the tiny black bees hovering around their hive in the hollow of a tree.

In the Beginning

Gulkula site in 1970's gove nhulunbuy

The European Launcher Development Organisation (ELDO) constructed a tracking station for their space program on Dhupuma Plateau.

1966 - 1970

dhupuma college Gove Arnhem Land Northern Territory on aboriginal land

Dhupuma College was established on the Dhupuma Plateau. This was a private college which gave Yolngu people the opportunity to combine traditional culture and western education.

1972 - 1979

Indigenous Yolngu workers in Nhulunbuy Gove Gulkula

Gumatj saw mill operate processing local trees.

2012 - 2015

Gumatj Corporation secured an Exploration Lease over Dhupuma Plateau. Maiden drilling campaign is completed to determine the quality and quantity of bauxite on site.


Gulkula Mining obtained a Mining Lease for Dhupuma Plateau.

April 2017

CAT dozer operating at Gulkula indigenous bauxite mine in nhulunbuy Gove

Gulkula Mining commenced mining operations on Dhupuma Plateau.

September 2017

The first batch of bauxite ore is made available for purchase.

November 2017

pile of bauxite at indigenous owned mine in arnhem land gove northern territory

The first shipment of bauxite is exported to China.

May 2018

Construction of Gulkula Nursery was completed.

June 2018

indigenous woman collecting local native seeds in the northern territory arnhem land

Rehabilitation at Gulkula Mine commences.

January 2019