Gulkula Indigenous Training

The Gulkula work readiness training program commenced on 25th February 2019.

This program is a mixture of learning activities and on the job training focusing on developing the confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline, respect and resilience of each participant.

Coming from across North-East Arnhem Land, these participants will live, learn and work at the Gulkula site.

Intakes for this program have now closed, however you can follow the journey of these participants by returning to the Gulkula website over the next few months.


Block 1

The first block of the Gulkula Training Program has seen participants settle into their daily routine.

A mixture of physical exercise, drill, roleplay based learning and on the job training has provided numerous opportunities for all of the participants to develop.

Block 2

Block 2 has focused on behaviour management. Group based discussions and exercises have been aimed at developing resilience and increasing self-awareness of the training participants.


Block 3

The latest block of training has seen participants develop lots of skills including first aid and driver training. Team building and leadership skills have also been a focus as well as some well deserved recreational activities.

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